Real Estate Price List

Chad Copeland (Owner/Pilot)              (501) 733-1609

Nick Barnes (Owner/Pilot)                   (970) 376-7615

Fully licensed and insured                                        FAA approved UAS/UAV 

Real Estate Services Price List

Service ID Number

Service Type


Price Per Hour or Incident


Aerial Photography

Multiple external and internal images

$225 per home

REstate002 Aerial Videography Complete video displaying property

$350 per home


Residential Photography & Videography Showcasing community amenities $450 per home


Commercial Photography

Multiple external and internal images

Starting at $450


Commercial Videography

Complete interior and exterior videography

Starting at $650


Commercial Video & Photo of area

Complete video of amenities and surroundings

Staring at $1000

REcom004 Commercial property above 2 levels Videography showcasing interior and exterior

$1000 per property


Thermal photography Thermal data acquisition of any property Starting at $1000


Photo editing

$65 per hour

VideoED Video editing

$80 per hour

*All pricing based on a 60 mile radius. A mileage fee will be included for extended travel.

**Multiple projects will be discounted

Please contact us for any other services not listed above.

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